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Airfix Days

Abigail O'Brien - 2012

Airfix Days exhibited at The Peppercanister, Dublin  from the 19 October – 10 November, 2012.

Airfix Days by Abigail O’Brien showcases the work of one of Ireland’s pre-eminent artists. O’Brien first exhibited at the Peppercanister in September 2011 as part of STILL, a group exhibition of lens-based artists during Dublin Contemporary 11. She has exhibited in a number of international and Irish shows this year, and this will be her first solo show at Peppercanister Gallery. Exploring themes of childhood and nostalgia, Airfix Days captures the joy and excitement of rediscovering long forgotten memories. The passage of time alchemises simple childhood toys into symbols of happiness, freedom and imagination, reminding us of the wonder of youth and the pleasure of simpler times.

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Click here to download the opening ceremony speech Noel Kelly, Chief Executive of Artists Association, Ireland.

The exhibition will be opened by Noel Kelly, Director, Visual Artists Ireland.
Bryan Murphy
Director, Peppercanister Gallery

From Esa Honkimaki to Abigail O’Brien
“When Thomas and I began to play with my old Airfix models at my mother’s house that day, I had a very strange feeling inside me. I found it astounding that a Finn and a German – the descendants of an ally and enemy – were playing together with these aircraft models bearing enemy markings. At that moment I felt warmness and a good feeling went through my whole body – although we personally have had nothing to do with our countries past troubles, somehow it was like atonement. Ireland will hold next presidency of the EU in 2013 and it occurs to me that “Airfix Days” is the perfect way to show the big boys that we need to learn to play together in Europe – in spite of our history, our various identities, and the economic difficulties of our countries. There is a little boy living inside every grown up man and I bet they all remember the Airfix models of their childhood. I believe this exhibition has the power to move something inside their souls and bring them to play together again.I have said many times here in Lapua that we need women’s touch to bring things in right order. I think that the whole of Europe needs that touch right now.”

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