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Natural Wax

Abigail O'Brien - 1995/2017

Natural Wax was originally conceived in 1995 as a College project. It was been reworked in 2017 for Bristle: Hair and Hegemony at the Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda.

The piece has never been shown before in public.

How woman are imaged in the past 20 years has changed very little.

In Ireland, body hair on woman is considered taboo and unsightly and from a very young age girls are encouraged to remove it.

Woman are told that they will be more attractive and desirable if hairless.
In Natural Wax the text focuses on the contra-indications of using a home hair waxing method.

Serge Gainsbourgs song Je T’aime, Moi Non Plus, creates a state of eroticism and desirability in the listener. When played at a disco in the 60’s it created a huge frisson amongst us teenagers. It is one of the very few songs ever to be banned in Ireland, where for many years, ideas of sex or sexual emotions were also considered taboo.